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Do you wish to apply for Credit transfer? (We will require your originals academic records, no fees)
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Are you transferring within the first 6 months of your principle course?(If yes, an original copy of a letter of release is required from your provider)
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Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) As part of your student visa conditions you will be required to obtain and pay for health insurance whilst studying in Australia. Gamma Education & Training’s preferred OSHC provider is NIB, who is registered health insurance provider and can provide you with the required health insurance for your stay. To obtain further information on the health insurance requirements for overseas students studying in Australia, speak with the Gamma Education & Training Enrolment Team or you can visit the following website:

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Student Declaration

Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd (The College) respects students’ privacy and rights and operates in compliance with Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (National Code 2018). The Student is to carefully read the following declaration to complete the enrolment application form.

The College is committed to protecting my rights to privacy.

The College will obtain my prior consent for displaying any photographic material for marketing or other purposes.

My personal information may be collected or disclosed to relevant bodies for the verification of my academic qualifications and work experience.

The College will conduct a systematic pre-enrolment assessment to ensure that I have genuine intent to study in Australia.

The information on this form and documents provided in support of my application are correct and complete.

I acknowledge that incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information relating to my application, including academic transcript/s, might invalidate my application and the College may refuse to offer a place in Course (s).

I have read and understood Marketing Flyer (s) and International Student Handbook before completing this Enrolment Application form.

I meet admission requirements as outlined in the Course Marketing Flyer (s).

I understand that Student offer is not guaranteed at this stage as it is subject to Gamma Education & Training assessing my enrolment application.

I have been informed by Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd that if my enrolment application is succesfull, I will receive Student Offer & Written agreement outlining detailed course information and applicable policies and procedures and conditions.

I have read and understood that I will receive all fees & refund information as per my course via Student Offer & Written Agreement.

I have read and understood the indicative cost of living in Brisbane/ Sydney.

I have read and understood Course progress and attendance requirements from International Student Handbook including the College’s Policy for monitoring course progress and attendance.

I have read and understood Cancellations and Refund Policy on International Student Handbook.

I have read and understood information on Complaints and Appeals from International Student Handbook along with the College’s Policy on Complaints and Appeals.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to seek independent advice before signing this application form.

I understand that providing incorrect or fraudulent information may contravene Australian Laws and may then severely affect my visa.

I acknowledge that the College will initiate pre-enrolment assessment after I sign this enrolment application form.

I know that once I receive Student Offer & Written Agreement, non-refundable Enrolment Application Fee will be required by the college.

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I have read fully and understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment detailed on this form.

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Note: After enrolment application, all students are required to undergo pre-enrolment assessment before student offer is finalised. Pre-enrolment assessment is conducted to determine course credits, admission requirements, genuineness, language, literacy and numeracy and student support.